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 SINCE 1989 Zeal Courses  and seminars,  pioneered by  Anthony Williams, have been an incredible source of  inspiration   to  entrepreneurs,  professionals and students,  enabling them to access  their true power and  achieve  extraordinary accomplishments in  lifeand career.

 Anthony Williams with his vast experiential  insight
 and unique training strategies has  earned a  tremendous  reputation of  empowering people  and transforming  their  personal and professional  lives.
 We invite you to embark on this journey of  self- empowerment to re-ignite your passion for  living
 and accomplishing your dreams.

 Jessline Williams, M.Sc (Clinical  Psychology),  Director of  Zeal Institute,  Counsellor  and Therapist, is driven by a  compelling mission  for guiding, inspiring and  developing  students to  live up to their fullest  potential and grooming  them for a successful  future.


  • Corporate Soft Skills and Leadership Training

  • Personality Development Course for Students

  • Job Interview Skills Training


  • Financial Education Seminar

  • Employee Development Seminar

  • Self Mastery Seminar



  Counselling and Therapy for children

  • Academic difficulties

  • Behavioural issues

  • Parental counselling