2–Day Financial Education Seminar




  • To take immediate control of your financial life

  • Implement the rules and strategies of the ultra rich

  • Create a liftetime income stream

  • Provide financial security and freedom for you and your family


Most people struggle financially because they never got financial education. They lack the discipline and skills to manage and retain the money they earn. So they have to work hard for money all their lives. Financial education fosters you to become rich and increase financial intelligence to understand how money works. It teaches you to use the power of leverage to build assets that would generate passive income for you and create abundance of wealth. You don’t have to work for money any more, money works for you and makes you financially free. Financial freedom allows you to do anything you desire, while maintaining an affluent lifestyle.


Inside each one of us is a RICH, MIDDLE CLASS or POOR person. What you think, feel and do, you become. In this seminar you will come to know how rich people think        and do things differently, than the poor and middle class. You will understand how unproductive thoughts, beliefs and habits are the root cause of financial failure                 and challenge them. You will learn powerful wealth principles and strategies which will influence you to let go some of the old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ways to recondition your mind for financial success.


Many educated people pursue their profession successfully but find themselves struggling financially because they lack financial literacy and accountability. Being accountable with your money is the price you need to pay if you really want to become rich. In this program you will study the cash flow pattern of the rich, poor and middle class and come to know why some people are destined to be rich and others struggle financially. You will get to see the true picture of your financial position and diagnose the cause of your financial problem and what you have to do to fix it. You will learn how to keep accurate financial records and begin cash flow management to control your money, balance your income and expenses, reduce personal expenses and debts, live within your means and save money for investment.


Building a foundation of wealth start with a personal commitment to be financially secure, comfortable and rich. The program will provide the guidance to set your financial goals and create a plan that works for you, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires. You will map out a plan to get control of your spending habits, minimize your liabilities, increase your income and save money for investment. You will find out how much money invested every month, for how many months, at a realistic rate of return, will create the cash flow required to reach financial freedom.


The only way for you to have the money you want to reach financial freedom is to know the rules of the money game and how the rich people play the game, inside-out. You will learn powerful techniques and strategies to manage money, accelerate your income and invest it effectively to succeed in the money game.


Based on your financial plans to be secure, comfortable and rich, the program will guide you to choose your investment vehicles to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Basic education on business, stock and real estate investment will enable you to understand and see the truth, the fabrication, the risk and the opportunity that come about and qualify you to know whether the investment is safe and profitable.

        What you can learn and achieve in a nutshell:

  • Come to know how the rich people think and do things differently from poor and middle class.

  • Change your unproductive thoughts and beliefs about money and adopt new ways that will work.

  • See the clear picture of your present financial position by studying your financial statement.

  • Identify and correct the mistakes you have been making in handling money.

  • Develop financial skills and intelligence to play the money game to win.

  • Set financial goals and design road map to achieve financial security, comfort and freedom.

  • Take control of your personal expenses and spending habits.

  • Learn ways to minimize debts and liabilities.

  • Work out ways to live within your means and save money.

  • Adequate information about investment vehicles of Business, Stock and Real Estate to enable you to choose your own path to financial freedom.

  • Invent ways to generate extra income.

  • Understand the secret formula of wealth creation and devise your own system for compounding growth of your money.

  • Raise your confidence and enthusiasm to take action.

Your financial status today is the effect of your thoughts, feelings and action in the arena of money. Money is the result. The only way to change your financial position is to learn and adopt new ways of thinking, new strategies, new actions that can produce new results. In this one incredible day of intense learning you will acquire the profound knowledge and essential skills to shape your financial destiny.


1–Day Employee Development Seminar



Balancing the human assets, the customers and the employees, of an organization is an immensely valuable principle for growth and productivity. When organization focus only on customers and completely neglect the people-employees, that deal with the customers, they decrease organizational effectiveness.

The Zeal Employee Development Seminar is designed to address the individual needs, desires and abilities of the employees and align them with the vision, mission           and values of the organization, so as to draw them into the changeless core of what the organization stands for and make them worthwhile contributors both to the task they perform and the team they represent.

The seminar deals with three areas of development: 1. INDIVIDUAL 2. WORK 3. RELATIONSHIP


  • Five primary human needs that motivate people

  • Security and comfort

  • Growth and change

  • Connection and love

  • Significance and leadership

  • Contribution

  • Getting focused in life

  • Decide what you want from life

  • Make list of everything you need to do to achieve them

  • Draw a plan and take action

  • Increasing personal effectiveness

  • Develop empowering beliefs

  • Power of visualization and affirmation

  • Master your emotions to become proactive

  • Personal qualities, abilities and values necessary for effectiveness



  • Factors that lead to job satisfaction.

  • Organization Mission Statement a source of inspiration, unity and commitment.

  • Aligning individual needs and desires with organization’s objectives, mission and core values.

  • Three areas of overlapping needs present in organization that effect each other.

            TASK: The need to accomplish the common task
            TEAM: The needs of the team for unity
            INDIVIDUAL: The needs of the individual to make a worthwhile contribution both to the task and the team

  • Defining roles, job responsibilities and outcome desired.

  • Planning, Prioritizing, Scheduling weekly and daily activities.


Fundamental Principles of Human Relations

  • Five ways to make people like us

  • Five ways to make people think in our way

  • Five ways to bring around people without giving offence

  • Problem solving and decision making


The seminar includes powerful lessons, stimulating group exercises, worksheet and questionnaires, structured to tap into the minds and hearts of the employees to rekindle enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty.


2–Day Life Mastery Seminar




If your present life’s conditions do not match your dreams and expectations you need to do something quickly.

One day of powerful lessons, strategies and motivation

  • To realize your inner needs and aspirations

  • Get focused on what you really want

  • Implement proven strategies and tools to follow through

  • Realign your emotions, beliefs and traits to create a momentum

  • Unleash the invisible force within you to make something extraordinary happen

This Life Mastery Seminar is designed to empower you to restore your dreams by conditioning your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resources to work together to create a compelling force to make something great happen in your life

The seminar includes the following topics:

Harness the power of decision making to get focused

The key to success is to create patterns of movement that infuse confidence, excitement and tremendous energy to make something happen.

In this seminar you explore your vital resources and needs, make new decision about what to focus on, what you truly want out of life and what to do to create the results you desire. Once you are focused in life you’ll get the emotions and power to make it happen.

Reprogram your belief system to generate a positive driving force

Our belief system has the power to create and the power to destroy. You identify a set of disempowering beliefs that prevent you from being able to utilize your inherent abilities. You learn how to recondition your mind with new empowering beliefs that will allow you to make the best use of your strengths and drive you into action.

Master your emotions

To accomplish something extraordinary in life, it is essential to maintain appropriate mental state that make you feel good and motivated. When you cultivate negative emotions of fear, rejection, anger, resentment, guilt, hurt feelings, you’re not motivated with positive energy and no matter what you achieve your life is worthless.

You are the source of all emotions and you can train yourself to feel anyway you choose, at any moment in time. You will deal with these disempowering emotions and learn the art of instantly changing your state by changing the way your perceive things and behave, to produce positive results. You will learn to be proactive, not reactive.

Build lasting relationship

Success is worthless if you cannot connect and share it with other people. Since we are all unique and different from each other we need to know what other people value the most and follow some basic rules to avoid clash and stress in our relationship. Powerful principles of human relations will inspire you to make your relationships one of the highest priorities in your life. You will be able to reinforce your feelings of connection and renew your relationships to enhance the quality of your life.  

Turn your problems into challenges

Life is a series of problems. So at any given time everyone is either, in some crises, or just got out of it, or about to enter one. Expert say, the hall mark of overcoming crises is how you deal with it and respond to crises. Successful people look for solutions in the crises, they are intensely solution oriented.

The seminar will empower you to identify and acknowledge your problems, challenge them, look into their root causes, come up with clear solutions and take action upon them.

Resolve inner conflicts

The seminar will lead you through a process of self-assessment to become aware of the inner conflicts, interrupt un-resourceful beliefs, habits and behavior patterns              and create empowering alternatives to bring consistency and harmony within.

Create a new identity with life values

One of the greatest forces in the human personality that create outstanding individuals is the need for consistency. People who say one thing and do another, claim to be one way and then turn out to be another, are labeled as disoriented, unreliable, untrustworthy. They are people with identity crises.

To do what you want to DO and HAVE what you want in life, first you must BECOME the right person.

Knowing what your highest values are, what you stand for and live by, will help you to lay the foundation of your new identity, the person you truly want to be, the qualities you wish to integrate in your personality, to uphold a high standard.

This amazing seminar will guide you to create your own new BLUEPRINT after considering all the changes you wish to bring about in your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship, belief system and personal identity.

You will commit yourself to consciously and deliberately follow a reinforcement program to condition your mind to be able to take effective actions and see the results in your life.

We invite you to enroll in this Life Mastery Seminar to experience a real change, feel the sense of passion and drive, to take massive action to turn your dreams into reality.