Since 1989, the Zeal Institute has been offering courses that help people, develop confidence
and enthusiasm, increase their skills in communicating managing and selling, discover ways to handle people more effectively, develop a positive mental attitude to take charge of their lives and shape their own destiny.

Zeal courses and seminars, with its unique training techniques and strategies have earned a solid reputation of delivering positive and amazing results.   

  • Empowering people to tap their true potential

  • Discovering lives purpose and mission

  • Overcoming stumbling blocks that prevent them from going ahead

  • Generating maximum energy for massive action

  • Achieving extraordinary accomplishments in life and career

  • Making a difference in the lives of others

Organizations across sectors, managers and executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, teachers
and students, all who availed our training, highly recognized the amazing rewards of Zeal training
and confidently recommended zeal courses to others.

Some of the companies who have used Zeal training for their executives development are listed below:
American Life Insurance Company, Dubai; Thomas Cook, Dubai; Kuwait Automotive Imports Company; Bahrain Exchange Company W.L.L.; TATA BP Solar; Titan Industries Ltd.; Taj Group of Hotels; Wheel
and Axle Plant; BHEL., ITTI Pvt. Ltd.; Indian Silk Board; M-Far Construction Ltd.; Transamerica Apple Distribution Pvt. Ltd.; Arvin Meritor LVS India Ltd.; Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd.; Faurecia Emission Control Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.;

Inspired Instruction

The Zeal Courses are conducted by Anthony Williams, Founder/Director, Zeal Institute, an accomplished trainer of international repute. A graduate of McGrath Institute of Leadership Training, Anthony Williams has produced more than 50,000 values-driven, success-minded professionals over 26 years of real life training experience. Mr. Williams is a training faculty of the Prestigious Christ University, Bangalore for the past twenty years.

Jessline Williams, MSc (Clinical psychology) an associate trainer, counsellor and therapist, is driven by a compelling mission of guiding, inspiring and developing people to live in their higher self-based on courage, love and prosperity.

Program Reviews

"This unique training program leads to holistic development of students with clear perspective of personal and professional life"
Dr. Fr. Thomas C. Mathew, Vice Chancellor, Christ University, Bangalore.

"This is the best self development program in Bangalore that I have come across"
Abhay Golikeri, General Manager, Premier Irrigation Equipment Ltd., Bangalore

"With Zeal life has become more rewarding and enjoyable"
V.G. Nair, Vice President, Dominion Chemical Ltd., U.B. Group of Company, Bangalore.

"Zeal has made me realize my true potential and now I am more peaceful and happy" K.L. Chhabra, Chief Personal Officer, Wheel & Axel Plant, Indian Railways, Bangalore.

"Zeal Program is an excellent Training course for development of leadership qualities" Dr. B.S. Ramesh, Radiation Oncologist, Bangalore Cancer Hospital.

"I am convinced that this course was one of my wisest investment I made for my consultants"
Ashok Sardana, Agency Manager, American Life Insurance Company, Dubai, UAE.

"The unique training method provided the right motivation
and learning experience to our sales force to develop positive attitudes"
Akbar Khan, Senior Manager, Emirates Trading Agency, Dubai, UAE.

"Zeal training was very useful program for our executives in terms of developing skills and confidence to do better in their day to day performance"
M.D. George, General Sales manager, Kuwait Automotive Imports, Co. W.L.L., KUWAIT.